Spring Update-Refresh your jewels

Spring has finally arrived in the Midwest! Refreshing your jewelry box and updating your wardrobe is the top of many to-do lists.

I was recently asked to update a clients necklace. She received several beautiful vintage pendants from her Mother and thoughtful husband on the birth of their daughter. The inspiration was to include momentos from the past but bring the modern style a Mom on the go needs.

It’s an honor to create updated heirlooms. Do you have unworn items you would love to give a new life to? Send us an email and let’s tackle your Spring cleaning project together!


Happy Spring!


About Me- My 'Sparkling Story'

About Me -- My ‘Sparkling Story’

My love affair with jewelry goes back to my childhood.  One of my earliest memories was as a ‘rock hound’ collecting multi-colored rocks, unusual shells and animal-stone figurines as mementos during family summer vacations by the seashore.  

Later on, in sixth grade, a local fine jeweler visited our school for ‘Career Day’ and shared anecdotes about working in the jewelry business.  I got to try on a breathtaking (alas, ‘real’) diamond necklace and looking back, this was my first A-ha moment – I became hooked on the ‘stories and sparkles.’  Then, my romance with jewels really started to blossom during my college years.  When I was studying art as an undergraduate student in the Midwest, I landed my first retail job at a local jeweler during college where I enjoyed helping customers as a salesperson but also learned to size, polish and order pieces for customers.  

This A-ha discovery led me to the next chapter of my life where I decided to enroll at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so I could dedicate my professional life to making and designing jewelry.  Upon graduation, I began my apprentice years working at high-end boutiques, learning to hone my skills for all aspects of the fine jewelry business from merchandising to sales to retail and wholesaling.

Since fine-tuning my craft over the last 10 years, I strive to be in sync with my clients’ needs and have a knack for melding their innermost desires into unique pieces of jewelry that can be passed down from generation-to-generation.  As a new Chicago designer, I have my pulse on the intersection where old-fashioned craftsmanship meets modern elegance and glamour – resulting in beautifully-crafted, original, timeless pieces that are wearable yet memorable.  

I encourage you to learn more about the inspiration behind my new venture at  'Process' at the bottom of the website.

Yours truly,


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AMT Jewelry Débuts at Marshall Pierce on Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’

AMT Jewelry Débuts at Marshall Pierce on Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’

Bringing timeless elegance with a modern twist to the ‘Windy City’



Yesterday evening, Chicago ‘movers-and-shakers’ celebrated the launch of AMT Jewelry Design among world-renowned jewelry brands at Marshall Pierce’s headquarters on the ‘Magnificent Mile.’  The private event attended by approximately 200 people was held in conjunction with Chicago Woman Magazine’s May/June issue release featuring female ‘rising stars’ in Chicago’s technology sector.  


“I am excited to bring Chicagoans handmade luxurious pieces in 18-karat yellow, rose or white gold to add a dash of sparkle to women’s everyday wardrobes along with one-of-a kind jaw-dropping creations for a statement-worthy evening look, ” said Alecia Bern, President, AMT Jewelry Design.  “Taking inspiration from Chicago’s world-class architecture, my début line, Chicago Classic’s geometric cuts and symmetrical silhouettes are a tribute to the chic Chicago woman who embodies modern elegance.”   


Step into Spring ‘in style’ with our new collections whether you’re in the mood for:

-A return to Hollywood glamour – our ‘Rose Soleil Collection’ will leave you speechless;

-Our down-to-earth ‘Terra Firma Collection’ – will warm up your nights and weekends;

-And for all those occasions in-between – ‘Spectra’s organic form, swirls of color and obsidian edge will be a scene-stealer whether by day-or-night.


“AMT Jewelry brings a new take on ‘Chicago chic’ and is truly emblematic of our city’s thriving fashion scene,” said Kendra Chaplin, Publisher Chicago Woman Magazine.  “We are proud to support this event and the burgeoning fashion scene in our own backyard to cultivate the Windy City’s creative and enterprising spirit.”


Alecia is proud to produce and design all of her jewelry in Chicago, Illinois. Also, Alecia served as Past-President of the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA), Chicago Chapter.


Come and visit our latest collections at Marshall Pierce on ‘Michigan Avenue’ for a personalized fitting or browse our pieces on our website at your leisure (www.amtjewelry.com).  Stay in touch with AMT Jewelry’s latest happenings when you sign up for our blog ‘Inside Scoop’.  


Happy Stylish Spring!


Happy New Year – Here’s To A Fun & Fearless 2019

AMT Jewelry Design is excited to share what’s new and noteworthy in the way of jewelry this year and most importantly how to make 2019 your most fun and fearless year yet …



New Year’s goes hand-in-hand with glitter and champagne toasts under sparkling crystal balls but it’s also the perfect time of year to ‘pause’ and celebrate a new beginning by making resolutions.



With a renewed sense of excitement, we share AMT Jewelry’s 2019 intentions below that will infuse our collections in the year to come and propel us forward while staying true to our mission and aesthetics:



Embrace your adventurous side with dramatic colors -- add a stunning pair of cushion-cut earrings in 18-karat gold from our new Terra Firma collection to your wardrobe staples.  These earrings come in swirls of dramatic shades from pretty pinks to warm amethyst to cool tourmalines.



Be grateful for elegance that lasts a lifetime – our Rose Soleil collection features one-of-a kind 18-karat gold (or white gold) brilliant rose-cut diamond earrings, necklace and ring with an elegant timeless ‘sun-motif’ that will feel as glamorous decade-after-decade as the day you first wore it. 



Rose Soleil Stud Earrings

Rose Soleil Stud Earrings

Dare to be fearless – Be fun and fearless when it comes to jewelry (and life!) … indulge in our metallic-inspired hues whether yellow, white or rose gold when you mix and match our Chicago Classic stackable rings  or sport our popular black rhodium geometric cuff for an edgier modern look.



So if we leave you with just one overarching intention for 2019 – it’s ‘take a fashion risk’ with jewelry and life!  Standout with one-of-a kind style embracing a new modern timeless look with a grateful attitude – all while never underestimating the fun and fearless factor!  



Stay tuned … as we update our not-to-be missed 2019 collections by visiting Marshall Pierce on Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile,’ or our website at (www.amtjewelry.com).  Be first to hear about AMT Jewelry’s latest happenings and musings by signing up for the “Inside Scoop” 



Happy New Year!



Our 'Fashionable Fall Blog'


AMT Jewelry Design is excited to share our take on the interplay of fashion and jewelry during this fashionable season …



Fall for Fashion’s New Gemstone Shades, Earth-Tone Textures and Metallic Glam as you Amp up Your Wardrobe with a Dash of Jewelry on the Side   


Fall traditions include ‘back-to-school’ and changing foliage, among others; but our favorite Fall tradition is undoubtedly the parade of new prêt-a-porter collections unveiled by designers around the world.


The interplay of fashion and jewelry is particularly exciting this season as fashion takes center stage at this time of year … but no wardrobe is complete without the perfect accessories, especially when it comes to jewelry!  So make your favorite Fall fashion trend your own by intermixing your favorite pieces of jewelry or amp up your wardrobe with new jewelry in store for autumn.


Here’s our take on how to pair some of our favorite late Fall trends with a dash of sparkle on the side …


Rich velvet fabrics in gemstones colors – the new cinched-cut velvet blazer makes a bold statement in dramatic jewel-toned colors.  For full effect, add a stunning pair of cushion-cut earrings in 18-karat gold from our new Terra Firma Collection in swirls of gemstone shades from pretty pinks to warm amethyst to cool tourmalines.  These will add polish to your daytime look, while taking you confidently into evening with Fall’s cocktail parties a-plenty.  


Textured knits in warm earth-tone shades – embrace Nature’s colorful changing-of-the leaves show with earth tones, neutrals and harvest-inspired colors.  For a casual but chic look – add our hand-textured, long Terra Firma Pendant made of 18-karat gold with a diamond-shaped gemstone in the center.  Its adjustable chain ensures it accommodates various necklines from your long chunky cardigan to your favorite cashmere turtleneck to your new wool tunic dress.  Consider adding our matching Terra Firma Gemstone Earrings in fiery Fall colors to rev up your cool city-style for weekend wear.  


Terra Firma Collection: Rutile Earring's

Terra Firma Collection: Rutile Earring's

Modern metallics go glam – how about this for a role-reversal … high fashion taking inspiration from metallic-inspired hues whether gold, platinum or black rhodium as found in our fine jewelry – lending a dose of glam to everyday women’s wear.   


Take a fashion risk this season:  wear your new favorite metallic article of clothing with your favorite piece of jewelry from our new collections for a modern edgy look that is ‘cooler than school.’  Try gold on gold for a more substantive look, by layering our popular Chicago Classic:  Stackable Rings together, or add depth by contrasting your favorite shade of yellow, white or rose gold from our elegant Chicago Classic: Petite Stackable Rings.  Either way, your glam look à la metallic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this Fall!  


That’s a wrap … enjoy a fashionable Holiday and be sure to visit our latest collections exclusively on Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ at Marshall Pierce, or browse our website at your leisure (www.amtjewelry.com).  Stay in touch, by signing up for the “Inside Scoop”  so you’re first to hear about our latest happenings and musings.  

Happy Holidays!


Summer Blog -- Say ' I Do' in Style with Custom Bridal Jewelry

AMT Jewelry is excited to share our Summer blog that shows you how to create one-of-a kind custom jewelry for your ‘special day.’  Learn more about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing your own wedding jewelry …  


Summer is synonymous with ‘wedding season’ – what a wonderful season indeed!  As a jewelry designer, weddings offer a unique chance to create something beautiful to commemorate the occasion, but also something timeless – a ‘forever’ token – echoing the vows a couple make.       


Jewelry plays such an integral role during the stages of a couple’s commitment from the engagement ring to the wedding bands.  As jewelry is a focal part of the ceremony, it’s only natural that more and more couples are turning to custom jewelry:  they yearn for something original that also reflects their personal style.  Another trend is updating, or re-inventing family heirlooms.  This is becoming popular because it’s a way for a couple to carry on the family tradition with a ‘new look’ in a budget-conscious fashion.     


The Magic of Custom Jewelry


As a recent bride myself, I can relate:  designing my own wedding jewelry was a magical experience that I will never forget.  I created my own wedding band; melding the desire for a band I feel comfortable traveling the world with, while also standing gracefully on its own.  As you can see from the photo, it features oval-shaped diamonds set from east-to-west to match my center, engagement ring-stone, but it’s set in 18-karat gold.  I simply love the richness and heft of platinum contrasting with gold.


From my own personal experience, I can tell you how essential it is that the piece reflects the spirit of the couple, as it’s a symbol of their union and is something they wear post-wedding.  So if there was one key takeaway – it’s to make sure your jewelry is beautiful but wearable – I love the fact that my bridal jewelry is perfect in a dressed-up or dressed-down setting.


Our Philosophy & Artisanal Approach


It’s an honor for me to be part of a couple’s wedding journey, so it’s my hope and assurance that every piece of jewelry embodies a couple’s vision, aspiration and personal style.  As such, I am hands-on throughout the process overseeing each piece from start-to-finish.  Using only the best quality-sourced materials with an artisanal approach, my philosophy simply put is:  I want each piece to be something that I would be proud to wear myself.


And with Summer in full-swing, I hope this radiant season encourages you to consider creating your own custom jewelry for your ‘special day.’ 

Happy Wedding Season!


AMT Jewelry Design is excited to offer our Spring blog to share our viewpoint on fine jewelry and how you can add a dash of sparkle to make your Spring wardrobe pop...

Spring: 'A Kaleisdosope of Color'

Springtime provides a welcome burst of color from our monochromatic Chicago winters. As a jewelry designer, I tend to think of seasons in term of gem tones and shades. This Spring ( my favorite season) is even more special as I launch my company's AMT Jewelry Design website, but first lets take a moment to ponder how my favorite stone embodies this colorful season...

When I was studying at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in my 20's, I remember the first time I caught a glimpse of a Liddicoaite Tourmaline- a 'kaleidoscope of  color'- radiated from every crystal and when light passes through it's like magic. I was capitaved by the swirl of bright colors that almost resembled stained glass: a fiery magenta backdrop alongside pops of pastel-hued shades such as aqua, turquoise, fushia, lavender: with classic geometric triangles (in varying sizes) in the center of the stone. This playful combination of colors reminds what is so special about Spring... the feeling of a magical new beginning that is fun, fresh and optimistic.


And with Spring in our midst, I hope this vibrant season encourages you to wear your favorite pastel-inspired jewel tones or if you're in the mood to add a dash of sparkle, please enjoy our new invigorationg Spring collection 'Rose Soleil' now available at on our website.

Happy Spring!

Watermelon Tourmaline Ring by AMT Jewelry Design

Watermelon Tourmaline Ring by AMT Jewelry Design