Production Process

A ‘Behind-the-Scenes Look’ at Our Production Process – ‘A Gem in the Making’

Tools of the trade for AMT Jewelry

Tools of the trade for AMT Jewelry

Superior Craftsmanship – ‘An Artisanal Approach’

Our stones are individually sourced and hand-picked from the most reputable sources around the world to ensure unmatched quality and preservation of each stone in its natural element.

As we specialize in custom jewelry, we take great pride in using the best of new world techniques and old world craftsmanship ensuring that our customers see their stone or heirloom transformed into a ‘work of art’ that is elegant, timeless and can be passed down to the next generation.

About Manufacturing – ‘A Quest for Custom Creations’

I would like a custom piece…How does this process work?

 Our production process is simple; reflecting our artisanal approach to superior design and quality craftsmanship.  

Working directly with our founder and designer, Alecia will guide you through the exciting custom process.

1) We will discuss stones, metals, budgets and your personal style. Jewelry is about self expression. Have fun and enjoy the process!

2) A sketch and design will be given

3) Prior to a 3D model that’s been created just for you a deposit is requested that is applied to the final cost. A wax model and or 3D rendering will be shown to guarantee the perfect fit

4) Delivery of the finished piece for you or your loved one to treasure and enjoy