About Me- My 'Sparkling Story'

About Me -- My ‘Sparkling Story’

My love affair with jewelry goes back to my childhood.  One of my earliest memories was as a ‘rock hound’ collecting multi-colored rocks, unusual shells and animal-stone figurines as mementos during family summer vacations by the seashore.  

Later on, in sixth grade, a local fine jeweler visited our school for ‘Career Day’ and shared anecdotes about working in the jewelry business.  I got to try on a breathtaking (alas, ‘real’) diamond necklace and looking back, this was my first A-ha moment – I became hooked on the ‘stories and sparkles.’  Then, my romance with jewels really started to blossom during my college years.  When I was studying art as an undergraduate student in the Midwest, I landed my first retail job at a local jeweler during college where I enjoyed helping customers as a salesperson but also learned to size, polish and order pieces for customers.  

This A-ha discovery led me to the next chapter of my life where I decided to enroll at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so I could dedicate my professional life to making and designing jewelry.  Upon graduation, I began my apprentice years working at high-end boutiques, learning to hone my skills for all aspects of the fine jewelry business from merchandising to sales to retail and wholesaling.

Since fine-tuning my craft over the last 10 years, I strive to be in sync with my clients’ needs and have a knack for melding their innermost desires into unique pieces of jewelry that can be passed down from generation-to-generation.  As a new Chicago designer, I have my pulse on the intersection where old-fashioned craftsmanship meets modern elegance and glamour – resulting in beautifully-crafted, original, timeless pieces that are wearable yet memorable.  

I encourage you to learn more about the inspiration behind my new venture at  'Process' at the bottom of the website.

Yours truly,


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