AMT Jewelry Design is excited to offer our Spring blog to share our viewpoint on fine jewelry and how you can add a dash of sparkle to make your Spring wardrobe pop...

Spring: 'A Kaleisdosope of Color'

Springtime provides a welcome burst of color from our monochromatic Chicago winters. As a jewelry designer, I tend to think of seasons in term of gem tones and shades. This Spring ( my favorite season) is even more special as I launch my company's AMT Jewelry Design website, but first lets take a moment to ponder how my favorite stone embodies this colorful season...

When I was studying at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in my 20's, I remember the first time I caught a glimpse of a Liddicoaite Tourmaline- a 'kaleidoscope of  color'- radiated from every crystal and when light passes through it's like magic. I was capitaved by the swirl of bright colors that almost resembled stained glass: a fiery magenta backdrop alongside pops of pastel-hued shades such as aqua, turquoise, fushia, lavender: with classic geometric triangles (in varying sizes) in the center of the stone. This playful combination of colors reminds what is so special about Spring... the feeling of a magical new beginning that is fun, fresh and optimistic.


And with Spring in our midst, I hope this vibrant season encourages you to wear your favorite pastel-inspired jewel tones or if you're in the mood to add a dash of sparkle, please enjoy our new invigorationg Spring collection 'Rose Soleil' now available at on our website.

Happy Spring!

Watermelon Tourmaline Ring by AMT Jewelry Design

Watermelon Tourmaline Ring by AMT Jewelry Design